REPORT: 32nd Annual StarFest (Bay's Mountain Park; Kingsport, TN)

  1. RobertNashville
    Bay’s Mountain Park ( is a really beautiful location (especially with the fall colors) with nearly 40 miles of hiking trails and lots of other activities. Second, the food for the event was great (which we all know is truly important). LOL

    The weather gave us great observing on Friday but it clouded over on Saturday (which was a shame as they open the viewing to the public on Saturday evenings) but we compensaed by spending a good bit of time that evening in their truly first-class planetarium; looking at the night sky and having a general time of questions/answers with some of the speakers.
  2. RobertNashville
    Speaking of speakers, they included Carie Nugent; a professional astronomer with the NEOWISE team; John Charles from NASA Johnson Space Center who is part of the team that is conducting the testing and devising the medical requirements for a manned mission to Mars and also Rob Landis; NASA Science Mission Directorate, Planetary Science Division who has been involved with NASA for many years from the early days of the shuttle program to our current activities on ISSS including working in Russia.

    I would say that if a person is ONLY interesting in observing then this is probably not an event you would be interested in but if you want to combine observing with education in a naturally beautiful location with lots of other activities available it might be something you should consider!
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