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  1. RobertNashville

    I live in the greater Nashville/Middle Tennessee area (Murfreesboro) and started this group in hopes of connecting to others in Tennessee who enjoy astronomy either as a hobby or professionally.

    I'm sort of "old" and "new" to the hobby - I was involved when I was about 10 years old through my high school years but am just now getting back into the hobby!
  2. c318cuin
    Looks like it's just me and you Robert! :-P
  3. RobertNashville
    Well...a lot has happened since I started this little group; perhaps the most important is that for now and probably the next few months to a year I'm living in Savannah, GA! Needless to say, I'm not doing much "Tennessee" star gazing at the moment.
  4. wake0722
    Hi guys
  5. pastorg
    Hello! I currently live in Middle TN (Dickson County). I've been interested in astronomy since the Apollo Moon mission days. I'm now 60. My current scopes are a Zhumell Z12 dob, a Celestron Omni XLT 102mm refractor, and a little Meade 70mm AZ refractor. I'm strictly a visual observer. Have no interest in AP. I observe mostly from my back yard in my small town. Look forward to hearing back from some fellow TN stargazers.

    Clear and starry skies!
  6. RobertNashville
    Hello pastorg and wake0722 - sorry for not being around but life has kept me pretty busy!

    pastorg; I'm 60 as well (almost 61 now) and have been interested in space and astronomy since my early years...started with a used 3" refractor that my Dad bought for me at a yard sale and REALLY got interested when I was a freshman in high school when my "Earth Science" teacher and his son and I traveled from Ohio to North Carolina. Didn't really do much for many years (didn't even own a scope) until a couple of years ago but am very involved now.
  7. mrlovt
    Adding my "hello" to the group.
  8. RobertNashville

    It's bee a few weeks since I was in Tennessee but I'll be heading to Kingsport next week (10/22-25/2015) for the 32nd annual Starfest held at Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium ( ).

    If the weather is decent and you are close enough to come by; Saturday evening viewing is open to the public!
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