History of Sundials

  1. green12
    see this posts
    Sundials, and a little History
    Sundials and history II
    sundials and history III
    How to get the Real True north, (not magnetic)
    I´m going to send more

    I´m working and translating, really hard for me


  2. olddogg60
    You should put your 'True North' link here too. I did a 'Cut & Paste' on all of your sun dial threads and saved them.
  3. green12
    Thanks olddogg60, done
  4. olddogg60
    Was it already here and I didn't see it or did you just edit the entry? Just checking on my old self.
  5. Makuser
    Hello Axel. I didn't know that you started a Sundial Group until this evening. I am very happy to be a part of your wonderful efforts. Thanks for your great and educational reports in the past, and best of regards.
  6. green12
    Hi olddog60 and Makuser

    thanks for reading my madness

    sorry about the late of the response
    I edited the thread, and I'm going to put something about difference between solar hour and civil hour, Equation of time (Eot), correction of longitude, and day saving time (DST)

    Sorry friends my written english is very bad

    sorry about that jejejje

    here today it´s raining "Cable TV out",, my dogs scared,,hope we don't have blackout,, i's very usual

    hope you guys are OK


  7. olddogg60
    I have clouds and rain here so no solar viewing. I really enjoy your write up about sun dial. I hope that everything turns out OK where you are Axel.
  8. Makuser
    Hello Axel. I hope that your storms finally stop, and your cable tv is restored soon. And, best wishes with your new calico cat, "Lara".
  9. green12
    Hi guys,

    Today cloudy, no rain no Cable TV, cat Lara Ok, dogs little nervous, they don't like rain, storms

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