The analemmatic sundial

  1. green12
    Analemmatic Sundial: sundials consisting of hour points (rather than hour lines) laid round an ellipse, and a movable gnomon perpendicular to the dial plane. It may be on any plane, but the most usual form is horizontal. In the horizontal version of the dial, gnomon position lies on the straight North-South minor axis, at a point determined by the sun's declination (i.e. the date). The analemmatic dial may be regarded as a projection of the universal equatorial ring dial.

    This sundial is very easy and cheap to do, and great for children, I did one in a Elementary School, here in San Felipe, Chile, in the "Patio"

    I can't put pics here so I'm going to put them in my album

    Best regards

    PD if you have questions , go for it, and I'll will answer, maybe it's something you can do in your backyard ore your doorway, I can help you with the math involved
  2. kingclinton
    Hi Axel,

    I found this site in SA that shows us here how to make these Sundials. Thanks for a most interesting thread! I have been hunting for more info on the subject and came across the site. I will be giving it a go just as soon as I have completed a few projects around the house/home(never ends).


  3. kingclinton
    Also just found out that Curiosity has a sundial.

    Curiosity’s Sundial Carries a Message of Hope

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