This is a good Link to learn

  1. green12
    Hope you enjoy the link of Ruben

  2. Makuser
    Hi Axel. I really enjoyed the link to Ruben's website, and the hole in the wall. I especially liked the picture graph from Rinconada de Silva that you added onto the group here too. This looks like a fun project, that requires no telescope, but will help us understand the "seasons of the sun" on our world. Thanks so much for putting this information on here for us to learn and enjoy, and best of regards.
  3. kingclinton
    That is a very interesting link Axel, I am however not sure I would want to cut/drill a hole in my wall. Perhaps I could find a good place outside to try the project. Will put my thinking cap on and see what plans I come up with.

  4. olddogg60
    Very cool Axel. He has put a lot of effort into those displays.
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