New Optec Focuser Option

  1. sketrip
    Optec is offering a new focuser an integrated motor controller driver - Wonder if the new ZWO offering had an impact?
    Preorder (shipping is scheduled to start in June) gets you 15% off
  2. combat48
    Nice! Thanks for sharing. Are you thinking about getting?

  3. Gabby76
    A nice looking unit Steve when does it arrive?
  4. sketrip
    I was looking at it and the ZWO - The Optec order was placed yesterday - arrival should be mid to late June.
    In the end the Optec won out due the the ability to disengage it and maintain manual control - the ZWO would have to be removed every time I didn't want to AP or you are stuck with a hand controller - I like to
    be electron free too often to put up with that. Several factors went into the decision, but that was the big one.
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