Some Stellarvue Telescope Reviews

  1. combat48
    Here is a past review done by Astronomy Magazine on the 4.13 inch, f/7 APO, SV105-3SV:
  2. combat48
    And here is another one of the 4.5 inch, f/7 APO, SV115-20: Stellarvue SV115T Astronomical Telescope.
  3. combat48
    Sky and Telescope Magazine did a thorough review of the 4 inch, f/7 APO, SVR102T Raptor: Sky and Telescope Review SVR102T.
  4. combat48
    A June 2017 review of the SV80 Access that has been discussed on various threads:
  5. combat48
    Does anyone have any knowledge of this 6 inch refractor shootout: 6-inch APO shootout

    Not certain of the date...says 2006, but don't believe SV had an SV152 then...

  6. Gabby76
    I have not seen the write up on the shoot out before but Stellarvue did make a 152mm f/8 from 2004 - 2006
    It was a TMB/ LZOS triplet, 1200mm f/l, 2" Feathertouch Crayford or a 3" Feathertouch R&P focuser.
    If I remember correctly the price was about $9500USD
  7. combat48
    Thanks, Gabby! I recall someone was passing along a document that showed all the SV products over the years. I had a copy but misplaced it. Have you or anyone seen it?
  8. Gabby76
    I am fairly sure I still have a copy of the SV inventory. I can take a look for it tonight.
  9. combat48
    I found the file (Historical and Current SV's) on the Stellarvue Yahoo Group. Hasn't been updated since 2015. It does include an SV152 (2004-2006).
  10. Gabby76
    I found my list also and it is the same date.
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