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  1. Star Dad
    Star Dad
    Hi all - I'm new to Star Tools. I bought it because of the fantastic job it did in testing it on the Pinwheel Galaxy. The result was gorgeous-but lacking color detail. However, *every* result from beginning to end of the process shows nothing but white stars. I can colorize them but then they all turn the same color. I am using the raw .fit files that were stacked in Nebulosity - no processing of any sort at all - no flats, darks, etc. Only the resulting stacked file.

    I just joined the group and see a 2 part tutorial which has some info that is different from the Star Tools website. Unlike the website, my (latest version) ST when using the AutoDev initially is simply gray and white... no (yellow/red) color like shown. I will use the posted tutorial here and see what that brings and post if anything changes, but somewhere I'm losing the color info - maybe by keeping the initial AutoDev instead of cropping the picture and then deleting the AutoDev?
  2. KenGS
    Check that you have not saturated the stars in your subs. When that happens Red, Green and Blue are all clipped to the same, maximum value of 65535. Color requires that the three primary colors have different values.
  3. Star Dad
    Star Dad
    I've been in contact with the Star Tools folks and the problem is that Canon cameras using Nebulosity to pre-process images (ie flats and darks, de-mosaic, and stacking) need to save the resulting fits file in MAXIM format. Otherwise all color is lost. I tried it on M-52 and the result is awesome.
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