Help with bloated stars in image.

  1. kingclinton
    I need some help with Star tools and getting rid of nasty bloated stars in my images.
    And yes I am aware that it is inherent in the scope.(Skywatcher 102mm F.5)

    So besides expensive filters there must be a way to fix the problem in star tools?
    I have tried the fringe killer, which then leaves a ring around the stars and it does not blend well with the background, once you add colour it becomes more pronounced and has several circles around the stars.
    So any ideas please?
    And explain it in a "Star tools for dummies" method.

    Here is an example image.
    This is NGC 6726 a reflection nebula.
    The two bright stars are causing me the headache.
    if you would like the tiff version of the image let me know and I will upload to dropbox.

    Thanks for any help in advance!
  2. Hondo
    Post deleted.
  3. kingclinton
    Thank you Scott.

    I will go try some of those ideas now.
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