Basic Workflow Part 2

  1. Hondo
    Continued from Part 1

    Sharp-Use the mask that you created in Decon. Structure Size-Large, Small Detail Bias-I use 90%
    Amount-depends on your image default is good but you may increase to 300% if your image can handle it. If you have a lot of noise, reducing Scale 1 can help.

    HDR-A lot going on with this one so you will have to experiment to find what works best for you. The Reveal DSO Core works nicely on galaxies and globs.

    Contrast-I find this one hit or miss depending on what you have imaged.

    Colour-If everything has worked right so far, you will have very little to do in the Colour Module, just accept the defaults. If the defaults do not work then you will have to experiment.

    Continued in next post
  2. Hondo
    Life- Great for bringing objects out of the noise. When I use it I go with the isolate function and a full mask. Increase the Saturation to 125% and drop the strength to 50% so you do not lose the faint stuff in your image.

    Tracking-Turn off and do final Noise Reduction. I go with the default settings.

    If you follow this basic order you should be able to produce a reasonably nice image. Of course all this depends on the quality of your data. Most of the time, the default settings in ST will get you decent results but do not be afraid to play with the settings. After all, pixels are free!

    Good luck!
  3. elpajare
    I am a new user of Startools and I want to thank you for this little tutorial that is very useful for me.

    Thank you very much
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