Basic Workflow Part 1

  1. Hondo
    Open your picture in ST

    Select Linear, was Bayered, is not Whitebalanced (DSLR)
    Linear, was not Bayered or is Whitebalanced (CCD)

    Use AutoDev to see the stacking artifacts

    Cancel AutoDev

    Crop, ensure you remove all the stacking artifacts!

    Wipe – temp autodev, leave the aggressiveness at 75%, dark anomaly filter, I use 5 pixels
    You may have to play with the aggressiveness setting if it does not look good. If you cannot get anything acceptable try using the vignetting tool as it is the more aggressive tool
    Once you are happy-keep

    Develop–Set the dark anomaly filter to what you set in the wipe module. Adjust the Digital Development slider to around 75% and then use the Home In button until you are happy-keep

    Decon- Can be tricky, use the automask feature and adjust Radius, I find 2.3 works for me.

    Continued in Part 2
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