Version 1.4

  1. Hondo
    Post deleted.
  2. ghswen
    I'm running 1.4.300 beta version.

    I seems to work well.
  3. Hondo
    Post deleted.
  4. ghswen
    Here's the information for the 1.4 versions noted in the CHANGELOG:

    1.4.295 Alpha
    * Significantly enhanced noise reduction in Denoise module
    * Great number of architectural changes and preparatory work under the hood
    * Linux version no longer needs GTK, uses Zenity instead
    * MacOSX 64-bit version

    1.4.296 Alpha
    * Small fixes to Denoise module
    * Fix to 64-bit Windows version which would corrupt the image during some operations (ex. Life module)

    1.4.297 Alpha
    * Fixed bug where Synth module would not allow progressing beyond PSF generation

    1.4.299 Alpha
    * Made stability improvements to MacOSX version
    * Implemented fallback solution for Linux distros without wmctrl

    1.4.300 Alpha
    * Fixed memory leak in Denoise
    * New psychovisual correlation algorithm in Denoise
    * Improved Read Noise compensation
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