Using The Autodev Feature

  1. Hondo
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  2. vpgaliet
    I don't normally get good results using autodev in my photos. When I used autodev on the tutorial images and the images from the processing challenges here, it works much better. I believe thats because of the high light pollution levels where I live. Using autodev on one of my images looks like I dropped a bottle of neon orange paint on it. I get much better results using the Home In button in the manual development module.

  3. Hondo
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  4. Jerry Sykes
    Jerry Sykes
    I am glad I saw this. I am trying to learn how to use Star tools and have the same problem with autodevelop. I do live in an area with a lot of LP. I have to use the Home button to get anything usable. Thanks for the info, I thought it must be something I was doing wrong.
  5. Hondo
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  6. ghswen
    I agree. If you have light pollution problems Autodev doesn't work very well. I've found using the 'develop' tool a few times works well.
  7. Rcoggins
    I'm in the same boat as you guys are in when it comes to autodev.
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