DSS Settings For An Unmodded Canon DSLR

  1. Hondo
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  2. ghswen
    Most of the settings in DSS are variable. You don't need to be overly concerned with changing from the default. Do change the 'autosave format" to a 32 bit .fits and use that as your starting image for ST. I have never seen an 'option' for the tracking function in ST. If you are asking for the first ST question "Type of Data", for DSLR images that were captured in "Raw" format then preprocessed in DSS, I use "Linear, was bayered is not white balanced" Normally I do the majority of my editing first then click on 'tracking' and let it do the final noise reduction. There are 4 tools greyed out until you do the 'tracking' (final noise reduction). Those can be completed after.

    Be sure to check out the ST youtube tutorials. StarToolsAstro - YouTube those will help you with understanding the tools.
  3. Hondo
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  4. ghswen
    Even though I use a 'modified' DSLR the settings should be the same. I do any 'color' correction using ST.

    For the Raw/Fits DPP settings I use the following:

    For the RAW tab:

    For the FITS tab:
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