DSS Autosave.tif won't open

  1. vpgaliet
    On the image processing forum, a couple people had mentioned they had difficulty in opening the autosave.tif in StarTools directly. So I copied my post from there adding to the chorus.

    I've never bee able to open the autosave.tif directly in StarTools. I use Fitswork to convert it to a 16 bit tif and then open in StarTools. The message displayed is "Could not read file. Make sure image file is a FITS file, an uncompressed, IBM PC byte-order TIFF file, or a PNG file."
    I do use version 3.3.5 of DSS as I've had problems with the release version generating exceptions when I use RAW files.

    Are there possibly some settings that are incorrect in DSS which causes this?


  2. ghswen
    I have DSS set to output the Autosave file as a FITS file (32 bit .fits). (options / settings / stacking settings / intermediate files / change the "Intermediate and Final Image File Format" to .FITS)

    Those open fine in StarTools.
  3. OttoMann
    I just discovered the same thing. I used fitswork to convert from 32 bit tif to 32 bit fits but in the future I suppose I'll change my DSS settings
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