Old or new

  1. spacefreak
    Which do you like best the newer Star Trek series and movies or the old with shatner
  2. Joanna Sue
    Joanna Sue
    I am old so it is Star Trek TOS for me. Have them on DVD watch them fairly often. Kirk is the MAN!
  3. AbbN
    I think they all had their place in their time. Except for Deep Space 9, I've liked them all, including Voyager
  4. Joanna Sue
    Joanna Sue
    I like all of them but if I were pressed for a favorite it is TOS. I even watched DS9 - at least as often as I could anyway. I have the movies spawned from the orignal series and the orignal series on DVD as well. The only other I have on DVD is the movie that was recently available on DVD.
  5. Joanna Sue
    Joanna Sue
  6. jvellucci
    In order of how much I like them. TNG, TOS, Original movies, New movies, Voyager, Enterprise, then DS9
  7. AbbN
    I've read of "multiverses" - I wouldn't be surprised if they exist. I would have liked to have seen a Voyager movie made. Oh well, there's a new generation of ST movies now - all we need is a new series on TV
  8. alexisbaor
    I watch both TOS and TNG regularly (it's easier now with netflix), if I could choose to be a crewmember of Kirk or Picard, I would choose Kirk (not wearing a red uniform of course ). But I watch TNG and can't help but think that's the future I want for mankind.
  9. warpfactorx
    I pretty much like all of it with the exception of Voyager. Could never really get into it as much as the others. I really like the reboot movies too, I think they hit a home run with their choice of actors to portray the original crew. And the redesigned Enterprise...I'm in love with that ship!
  10. Joanna Sue
    Joanna Sue
    I generally made time to watch most of the Star Trek incarnations over the years. I grew up on TOS so it will always be the one which started it for me, more or less a first love that you will never forget, so they will never make one that will completely over shadow that for me. This said I have missed few over the years at least willingly. Other things of life may have caused me to not see every thing Star Trek but I did watch more less every one of the TV series, and seen pretty much all the movies. I even own TOS on DVD and the All the Original Movies all on DVD. I own the first reboot movie as well on DVD and a few of the other movies on VHS as well as off the air recordings of many of TNG. Star Wars never had the same effect on me, and about the only series that come close was Dr. Who with Tom Baker.
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