Old or new

  1. chich
    TOS. Scotty is always a favourite. When I was younger it was Spock, but as I got older I found it was Scotty who held it all together. I also like Enterprise. DS9 & Voyager... not so much. I find that there is generally too much introspection the further you get from TOS.
  2. wgbeatty
    I enjoyed TNG more personally. I may be the oddball here, but I liked Enterprise as well. So in order: TNG, Voyager, Enterprise, TOS, DS9. And I like all the movies new and old.
  3. mike1959
    For me TOS, STTNG, STV, STE, STDS9.
    Movie : Kaaahhhhhhhnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm of two minds with the reboot, casting is spot on!
    "Into Darkness" is on pre-order. Ships tomorrow!

    \\//_ Live Long and Prosper!
  4. Joanna Sue
    Joanna Sue
    The new "Crew' is actually has been cast well. I am most impressed by the casting for McCoy. Karl Urban (McCoy) certainty seems to look like a younger McCoy and his characterization seems to be spot on. Almost like he is channeling DeForest Kelly.
  5. mike1959
    We now know why Kirk calls him "Bones" that was "shiny".

    He was a good Judge Dredd also!
  6. JFD
    ''Out There'' is not always the same direction... or production,
    as seen from ''In Here''.
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