Star Trek New Movie Series

  1. admin
    I have got to say I was made a fan as a kid by my friend who also ended up doing the same profession. I guess we liked the medical culture of it, space exploration, astronomy and astrophysics. Add in some adventure and you have got yourself a story. The new movie series are great especially in 3D.

    The best part for me was when Spock was talking to Spock in the 2009 movie at the end. Classic. Even Bones was well represented.

    I got my wife into it so I guess that is to say they are good movies We ended up watching the old ones again, and I was able to get the old Next Generation series from a friend but I may need to wait until retirement to watch them.

    clear skies
  2. alexisbaor
    You'll love the next generation!
    It's so different and yet so similar to the original series, you will love it.
  3. RobertNashville
    Although I could have, I never watched the original Star Trek when it was on TV; I think because it played opposite "Wild, Wile West" which was a show I found fascination. It wasn't until years later when I was in the Navy that I started watching as the original episodes were broadcast in syndication. My ship picked them up from a local station in Charleston South Carolina whenever we were in port. I became a fan right away and have never looked back!

    Well, that's true as I have looked back and I've watched ever show of each series multiple times through the magic of Netflix and Amazon Video (along with stations that still, occasionally, runt them on air). I've loved all the various series, the Original, STNG, DS9, Voyager and would be difficult to pick a favorite as I like each of them but for different reasons.

    Of course I've also watched every movie many, many times with the exception of the very latest one...haven't watched it yet but will be doing so soon!
  4. JFD
    Re: New Movie Series

    Have ''Into Darkness'' sitting here next to me...unopened...unwatched. Have TOS movie pack and the TNG movie pack to watch first...
    Finished TOS...gonna watch them ALL in order! A sort of ''Star-Trek''.
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