Ok I'll Start It... Kirk or Picard?

  1. jwk
    My vote is for Picard. Thoughtful and cunning, he was a creative and empathetic leader. Even though Kirk was pretty badass--ill admit that-- I think that Picard takes the cake. Plus, there is more TNG to love him with than there ever was TOS. Argument made, let's hear it!

  2. Joanna Sue
    Joanna Sue
    Perhaps it is just me but I found Kirt to have more of a sense of humor than Picard did. Kirt seemed to be more of a devil may care type literally going where no man has gone before, but still seemed to have the ability to do whatever it would take to get the job done when needed, often to the amazement of those around him. In the end all the others followed in many ways the footsteps the Kirt persona left. He was the first and to a large extent if not for the bigger than life character of Kirt that left an indelible impression upon many who did watch TOS, I doubt the Star Trek franchise would have made it to TNG and beyond.
  3. warpfactorx
    I like both, but I'd have to go with Kirk overall. I love his "I don't believe in a no win scenario..." attitude and the way he interacted with his crew. His relationship with Spock and McCoy had a lot of depth To me he always made the Enterprise feel like more than just a ship. It was a character in itself, almost living so to speak. Plenty of love for Jean-Luc though. He can make it so like nobody's business.
  4. apoc81
    Picard. Though Chris Pine is making Kirk a better character than he was in TOS. I just think Picard seems more experienced and thoughtful.
  5. wgbeatty
    Kirk was much more personable and was a cowboy...and adventurer more or less. Picard was more of a scholar but could hold his own in a fight too. Kind of a toss up really but I'd actually have to pick Kirk.
  6. AbbN
    I think each was great for their own time and have liked them all, including Janeway (yup, I actually liked her). Speaking of Janway, needless to say, Seven of Nine was one of my favourites of all the characters
  7. Joanna Sue
    Joanna Sue
    I enjoyed all of them to different extents. About the only one I did not make an effort to see is Deep Space 9. It was not that I disliked it but it is too much of an interaction between the same people on the same set and with little new views. Toward the end of that they went off the station more but it was still largely a series centered on the same station that did not move a great amount. I enjoyed all of them more than most other Sci-Fi shows. The only other series that I made that much of a habit of was the older Dr. Who with Tom Baker and perhaps the too short lived Fire Fly.
  8. wgbeatty
    My daughter was indirectly named after Janeway, believe it or not. My wife was looking for inspiration and I was no help so after watching Voyager one night, she thought "Catherine, that's a nice name" and we made it so!
  9. mike1959
    I personally have never felt the need to compare apples and oranges.
    Take the two characters, swap time frames, and neither would be and effective starship captain!
    To me this subject is illogical.
    live long and prosper
  10. AbbN
    Actually I'm really getting to like the new Kirk a lot and I love the fact that the new Spock and Uhura are having a love affair......
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