Ok I'll Start It... Kirk or Picard?

  1. mike1959
    Yeah, I liked it. Its just WHY?
    Why kill Spock's mother? Why destroy Vulcan?
    Why kill Kirk's father ( how did that NOT change the Basic character of the James T. Kirk we all know?)
    Too much lens flair!
  2. spacefreak
    I like both but Picard is my favorite
  3. NukeWasted
    I like them both, but overall I like Jonathan Archer out of the group or captains.

    "Hmm, looks like stun works!" - Archer
  4. starchild1983
    Picard all the way!
  5. morrbru
    Kirk was my favorite! Okay, I can't get this one out of my mind..........KHANNNNN!!!!!!!!!! "Nuff said!
  6. starchild1983
    Kirk is my second favorite. I love Picard. Plus I grew up with TNG. It was my generation of Star Trek.
  7. RobertNashville
    I tend to agree with mike1959 - I like all the Star Trek versions, crews and captains albeit for different reasons. I'll admit a fondness for STNG a bit over TOS but only a very slight fondness. As for Kirk and Picard; both are excellent captains in their particular time frame!
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