April 2019 Discussion Thread

  1. Altocumulus
    GONG shows a prom, which I can't see. (yet!)
  2. Altocumulus
    Why is there no comment in the Announcement Forum about the status of the place. If I, having been here about a year, can see issues, what must it be saying to the new members?
    It's almost 6 months since Admin screwed us ! The forum is going / gone down the toilet, how can this group,that relies on posting images, continue ?. It's like a blind person being taken to an Art Gallery.
    I've got my parachute sorted and if Admin hasn't taken the trouble to sort things out i a couple of weeks ( he's still collecting money for not doing his job ) I'm outa here.
  4. Altocumulus
    But where to go, that's as friendly as this place. CN has been mentioned, but not friendly. Solarchat?
  5. Lowjiber
    A/C... Stargazer's Lounge (SGL), sponsored by First Light Optics, has an awesome gang of solar heads. I've been a participating member there for several years. Folks there are very friendly and welcomed me from the start. (see next post).
  6. Lowjiber
    SGL uses two sub-forums for solar... one for visual and another (where I go) for images. They don't use groups, but the Solar Imaging forum pretty much serves the same function as our group here.
  7. Lowjiber
    I've been an active AF member for several years and have supported the admin's fund-raising shenanigans in the past... my Gold Membership is paid thru 2020. The admin's ego gets in the way every time. I see nothing but doom for this forum. I'll continue here in our group for as long as I can stand it... I haven't been on the open forum since Christmas.
  8. Lowjiber
    Keith... I understand and agree with your frustration. Your choice of the word "screwed" hit the nail directly on the head... he's done it before, and there is absolutely no reason to believe it won't happen again. (I love ya man.)
  9. Lowjiber
    (I tried another post but encountered yet another "BB code autolink" error.) Screw it. I refuse to do a word search... that's what my grandmother used to do.
    I'll head over to SGL John and have a nosy round before I pull the rip cord. I can still keep looking to see if things have been sorted out by Admin ( a flock of Pigs have flown passed my window ) and help where i'm able to. Must say that the pleasure has gone from being " the Boss ", it's become an embarrassment.
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