April 2019 Discussion Thread

  1. Altocumulus
    There's no satisfying some people. I hope this Forum gets fixed soon - I'm tearing my hair out with this sun!!!!
  2. Altocumulus
    Hey - it let me post something!
  3. Altocumulus
    Ahha - It only likes my posting if it's one-liners......Otherwise I get the BB error.
  4. Altocumulus
    OK - Camera description - Exp 94ms; gain 114; Prom SE as I look. Sun almost fully bright and almost centre Sharpcap view, but bottom right also bright, less bright in bottom left.
  5. Altocumulus
    If I increase Exp or gain, the brightness in bottom right spreads left and topwards.
  6. Altocumulus
    There's a new sharpcap - but no gamma re-inserted. I notice ZWO's camera viewer has a gamma setting
  7. Lowjiber
    AC... Since that is your Lunt, try slightly adjusting the tuner to even out the light. Also try turning your cam while watching the display. That will reveal any very-slight tilt in your setup.
  8. Lowjiber
    Frankly, I don't really get excited about slight brightness variations across the disk as they're easily "adjusted" in Photoshop.
  9. Altocumulus
    The tuner brings the light across the camera from right to left (in current configuration). One of the disadvantages of remotely observing, I can't split my eyeballs. I'll twist camera and see if the brightness changes.
  10. Altocumulus
    Camera through 45 degrees and the excess brightness is still in the same quadrant as before. Points to the tuning, I guess.
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