April 2019 Discussion Thread

  1. Altocumulus
    Yes, I forgot to mention that nugget. Evil wind from the east.
  2. bladekeeper
    I braved the howling wind and the saturated back yard today. First star I've seen in a while.

    Some stacking artifacts in there, but that seems to always occur with white light solar for me. I am at a loss on how to mitigate that.
  3. Ben Cartwright SASS
    Ben Cartwright SASS
    would hate to see the forum go away, it is alot friendlier than CN. on the BB code you just have to find the word(s) causing the problem and change them so we can still understand them. A couple off the top of my head $cope and N.EAF
  4. Altocumulus
  5. Lowjiber
    Nicely done, Bryan.

    (I tried to respond to Jeff's post above, but the forum was offended by a hidden BB code autolink and I am expected to do a word search to fix it... NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.)
  6. Altocumulus
    "B" codes - does Brexit get everywhere!!!!

    I was shocked, looking at a Forum analyser, how much reduced the traffic on the site is over the last year - down 33% with an even greater fall in the last few months.
    It's shocking the number of members here totally at the whim of one person.
  8. Ben Cartwright SASS
    Ben Cartwright SASS
    Between the unfriendly forum and my Desktop dying I haven't been on anywhere much, I hate working on my laptop, it is a good machine that I use in the field with the cameras but hate the small screen and keyboard. I hope the forum gets its act together since the other forum you ask a question and you get a scientific answer from people trying to impress with their knowledge (ex. I just wanted to find out if it was going to be clear outside not get an entire course in meteorology).

    I am getting my new desktop today. I-9 processor with water cooled CPU, 32 gig ram, NVIDA GEFORCE RTX 2018 video with 8 gigs, 1 TB SSD C drive, 8 TB Gold D drive, 4 TB Gold E drive (both internal), 3 monitors, removable micromesh screens over all fan inputs to cut down on dust, 8 USB ports

    I think I will have to download a golf game to use the power. Figured to be ahead of the curve and in 10 years it will be an average machine.
  9. Ben Cartwright SASS
    Ben Cartwright SASS
    OMG no BB Code warning!!!
  10. Ben Cartwright SASS
    Ben Cartwright SASS
    An example of how unfriendly C.N. is, I posted a reply to someone thinking about renting time on a remote $cope and I stated that for $25 a month you can get unlimited time on the SLOOH $copes. Talk about getting flamed! One person said he pays $500 for a remote pier alone and he provides the equipment and that I am nuts to think I could get that for $25.

    I tried to be nice in my reply, saying thank you for the criticism, but you can get unliimited time on a 20" Planewave or the 17" Planewave limited by the availability and the fact that you can only book 5 time slots at a time and "piggyback" on others slots (5 at a time) but as soon as one finishes you can book another. The most I got in an evening was 40, that is about 200 F.i.t.s images to work. More than I can do in a day. To me that is unlimited within the perimeters. Real friendly people there
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