April 2019 Discussion Thread

  1. Ben Cartwright SASS
    Ben Cartwright SASS
    John it might have been. Also it got wet one time when the telegizmo blew off and I had it cleaned by a tele$cope shop, they may well have cleaned the coatings off.

    Due to the fact that I didn't get it new and it getting soaked, on and between the lenses, and it being cleaned I think I will feel better about upgrading/replacing
  2. Ben Cartwright SASS
    Ben Cartwright SASS
    I am probably looking for a reason to buy another $cope since I already have a Sky watcher ED100 F/9 and it is a really nice $cope. Just thinking I can get a little closer with a Sky watcher 120 or 150

    I would love the SW Evostar 150 but it looks like it would be a monster 1200mm (4 feet long) and if I think the 100 or the 120 sometimes are "unstable" on the SW EQ6-R mount I bet the 150 will seem even more so. It has a 44 pound weight rating and the 150 weighs 20 lbs plus Quark and ASI174mm-cool probably 22-23 pounds, so mount should handle it, but...

    I am trying to remember the 6 inch refractor's I have seen at $tar parties to remember just how big they are. The $cope bug in me wants a new $cope but the ED100 is not a bad $cope

  3. Altocumulus
    "I wonder if you need a spacer ?"

    Interesting thought. I've changed the setup I used, adding one of the spacers that comes with the 174. Cloudy today, but Friday is expected better....
  4. Altocumulus
    But Ben, but? Since when does that stop the wallets opening
    Sorry mate I've lost my marbles !. I meant a Tilter, not a spacer. Sorry.
  6. Altocumulus
  7. Ben Cartwright SASS
    Ben Cartwright SASS
    I have 3 tilters so that I can keep them already set up. I decided to live with the $copes I have since I forgot about the ST 120 f/5 (O.rion) AND my desktop is dying after only 12 years! getting the blue screen.

    Going to build a custom box, 32 gig ram, 1 TB SSD hard drive, 2 - 10 TB Gold drives, 3 monitors (the 3rd will be my 32 inch TV) and water cooled.
  8. Altocumulus
    You forgot! How can you hide a 5 inch?
    He can easily hide it among his other kit, he has 4 rooms full of Astro gear !
  10. Altocumulus
    "Only" four....
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