H-alpha imaging

  1. mr40mm
    Hello folks. I'm new here. I'm interested in imaging the sun in H-alpha light. Currently have C-8 telescope with Daystar .5 Ang filter and imaging Source ccd camera. Has anybody here had success with such a set up? Randy
  2. markthais
    I see that this post was last year. It should work fine if you follow this set up .
    First the filter should be wedge 1.8deg. You can get a plate or shim one screw hole out to that angle. The ERF cover will have a 2.5" CA offaxis the same angle. Line up the ERF hole with the thick part of the wedge. and adjust the temperature till it is on band.
    If the hole is not lined up, it is the same tilting the filter and it may not look as uniform as it can be. It will also be shifted blue.
    If you have not gotten this info yet here you go
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