Solar Filter Recommendation for Celestron 5SE

  1. jigarkapdi
    Hi folks,

    Can anyone recommend me a decent solar filter for Celestron 5SE? I am looking for something that would allow me to picture the Sun, mellowed down to a level where it looks like a fireball. Thanks.
  2. rico10
    I would suggest any filter that uses Baader Safety Solar Film. Other choices are Mylar, or a glass type like those made by Orion. I don't recommend the glass type as they have a tint added that can affect sharpness and contrast. Mylar is still pretty good and usually lower priced than Baader's Solar Film. Most Celestron filters in the size you are looking for are made of Mylar, ironically also made by Baader. The best for sharpness and contrast is the Baader though. It's available in two densities. 5.0 is for viewing and imaging, while the 3.8 density is for imaging only due to increased transmission of light, UV and IR waves. Kendrick makes the best version, it has a built in finder. As well watch what type you get. The jar lid type may not fit on your scope if the dovetail extends all the way to the front of the scope. Kendrick makes a version for Cat's that has three tabs that fit around the dovetail.
  3. sportsmed
    I would just buy a sheet of solar film off ebay and build your own. I bought a 9x12 sheet of solar film and have made 3 filters with it along with making a small filter for my finder scope and still have enough left to make one more. Total cost for film and supplies was about $17. If I would have bought all those filters I would have spent atleast $200. You can look at my pics on my profile and have some I took using the solar film.
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