Ouch !

  1. chckm8r
    Hi all, I'm new to the solar observing group and wanted to introduce myself . I would like to share a very bad thing that happened to me while observing about 30 years ago and hope this helps prevent it happening to anyone else.

    I was about 15 years old and had a solar filter threaded inside the ep while viewing the sun . It was in the evening time and the sun was about ready to set on the horizon. Suddenly without warning I heard a pop sound and instantly felt an intense pain in my right eye. I couldn't see out of it for about 20 minutes and I believe it did permanent damage to my right eye that I still use to observe with.

    I'm not sure if these solar filters are sold anymore but I highly recommend if they do to not use them, they're very dangerous ! There are excellent tips throughout the forum describing safe ways to view the sun. Most of us know not to use these filters I described but if it helps prevent this for even one person, it's well worth it.

    Cliff - Missouri
  2. skinnyonce
    Thanks for the warning only your 40 years to late ,
    I cant but wonder if that dumb azz filter didnt hurt my vision as a kid more than god did
  3. jjchapma
    Good warning! If it doesn't pop and blind you, you're still heating up your optics and can toast your telescope (another warning for the cavalier observer who thinks two eyes means you have a spare).
  4. chckm8r
    Sorry that it happened to you also skinnyonce. I searched to see if there are still ep filters being sold and came across some that are high dollar and different than these back in the day filters. I'm not sure how safe they are and am not judging all ep filters, especially ~ if ~ there are safe ones out there now. Personally, I'll only use the type ( baader ) that are mounted over the objective end of my refractor. I plan on getting one soon. Though this bad experience happened back then, I wont let it stop me from continuing to view our nearest and fascinating star.
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