Solar Scope Recommendation?

  1. jjchapma
    Does anyone have a recommendation on a first time solar scope? Maybe some decent rankings? What is the best value that people have gotten with solar scopes (h-alpha please!)? Thanks!
  2. sportsmed
    I know the Coronado PST is suppose to be great and you can get it for around $700 new and I have seen them used for around $450.
  3. rico10
    I own the Solar!ax II, been enjoying the view. Had a chance to look through a Lunt as well and I have to admit it may have been a bit better. Both were 60mm aperture. One thing though the Lunt was pressure tuned as opposed to mechanically tuned which my SolarMax Richview II Is. Some say pressure tuned is a better system.
  4. mightyboosh
    Just something to be aware of if you consider a Lunt 50mm is that it won't focus for imaging in its standard form. It's taken some grief to get mine to focus for imaging.
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