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  1. steve_rice
    Hi all, I am a new member to the group but a long time solar observer. I have a 5" reflecting dob style solar scope. ( only good for looking at the sun, or I guess someone welding at a hundred yards ) It is white light only and gives a really nice view of an orangish disk with lots of detail of sunspots. When I was observing the transit of Venus, I was also able to count 32 sunspots.
  2. jjchapma
    Wow, that's great! What brand scope do you have? Have you tried an H-alpha filter, or would that not work on your scope? I only use a homemade filter from solar film (white light) on my XT8 dob, but I love looking at the Sun.
  3. steve_rice
    My scope is all homemade out of scrap parts that were being thrown away from where I used to work. For free, I got the primary 5" mirror - actually a negative lens with no silvering, just an orangish coating. The focal length measured at around 60". For the secondary, I have (for free) a 1/4" thick piece of silvered optical glass that still passes light like a one way mirror in a department store, except this is quality glass. It is mounted at 45° and the rear (silvered side) reflects up to the 1 1/4 " focusser (also free) through a UV filter (also free). The only thing I paid for was the wood to encase the whole thing and paint. So a REALLY nice solar scope only cost me about $40 to make. It naturally is dedicated for solar viewing in white light, but it does an excellent job.
  4. jjchapma
    Wow, that's amazing! If you don't mind me asking, what industry was your old job? That's quite nice. You might consider posting your plans in the DIY section of the forum, there will be a lot of interested people there as well.
  5. steve_rice
    I haven't figured out how to put a picture on this message, but you can go to my galleries and see pictures of my solar scope.
    I used to work for a factory that made integrated circuits, and there was a LOT of electronic and optical equipment that went up for grabs when the plant closed.
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