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  1. Euan Mason
    Euan Mason
    Hi, and welcome to the solar astronomy group. There is much to discuss about the sun these days, with the latest cycle predicted to be much less active than the previous one, advances in understanding of solar processes, sunspot counts, solar observing & observing equipment, aurorae, and imaging of the sun. Enjoy the group!
  2. MG877
    Hi fellow members

    Thank you Euan for setting this up and the assistance in joining . I am very interested in solar astronomy and hope this group becomes a good place to share knowledge and friendship . I have been into astronomy for less than a year and took the HA solar scope plunge soon after the first time I looked through one . I want to become better at solar photography and am interested in learning more about capture and processing .
  3. Makuser
    Hello Euan. Thanks for starting this group. There are a number of members who are just getting in to solar observing. I have an AstroZap Baader solar film filter on it's way for my 6" refractor, and in a couple of days, I should have the Meade PST 40 telescope on order, which I will piggy back on the refractor. Best of regards to all.
    Hi Euan, as Marshall says, thanks, I have a PST (used but not abused ) on it's way. Judging by the interest shown in other posts you may find your membership going through the roof.
  5. magoo01
    Hi Folks
    Just purchased a Lunt 60mm "double stacked" scope from OPT. Haven't been out with it yet because of the pollen. The pollen here in North Carolina has been brutal! I placed it on my heavy duty Manfrotto tripod with the 701 HDV head. It's a perfect match! Really steady and moves very smoothly. I was impressed. I've never used a solar scope before and was impressed by how heavy this thing is! Must be some really substantial goodies inside, huh? I really don't know what to expect to see. I'm like a five year-old waiting for the ice-cream truck, but I don't want to take it out quite yet. That pollen is a real problem when trying to remove it from fine optics, especially if one waits too long and lets it dry out. Boy! You REALLY have a problem then! Looking forward to using it. Probably be another couple of weeks, then here we go!! :-) Lon ...
    Hi magoo 01, Why not have a little cheat and have a look at the Sun from inside the house ? (If anyone asks, it wasn't my idea , OK? )
  7. MG877
    Hello Magoo01

    Congratulations on your new scope . I have never had to deal with pollen , clear cling wrap would keep it off the optics but not sure if it would hamper the view .
  8. green12
    Hi magoo01, congrats at your Lunt 60mm, tell us did you have your first sight??
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