Focuser Question

  1. magoo01
    Hi Folks,

    I have a Lunt Solar 60mm Double Stack Scope; To be more specific a LS 60THa-B1200 with the 2" "Feather Touch" focuser. I'm having a problem with the focuser slipping. It simply will not stay where it needs to be. The eyepiece that I'm using is very light (Takahashi 30mm LS) and it still will not stay put. I shutter to think what it might do if I attempted to use the ES 82 degree eyepiece! I really need help with this. Is there any way to tighten that puppy up so that it will not slip? I looked in the manual and of course, there was nothing in there that would apply to this problem. I don't think they want anyone "messing" with their precious scope. But, at over $3,000, one would think that the focuser would be more substantial than that. Please help. Thank you very much. Lon ...
  2. magoo01
    Please disregard previous question. I found the answer. IN THE MANUAL!!! DUH!!! Sorry to have bothered you guys. Lon ...
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