Astronomy Clubs in the East bay?

  1. starchild1983
    Does anybody know of any Astronomy clubs in the east bay? The closer to Concord would be best.
  2. roguegeek
    Just moved to Alamo a couple of months ago and have been trying to find the same thing myself. There's the Mt. Diablo Astronomical Society (Mount Diablo Astronomical Society Home Page) that I've found, but haven't worked up the courage to make any inquiries yet. Concord is pretty close and I can see Mt. Diablo being a perfect observation site. Have you found anything else?
  3. starchild1983
    No I haven't. Not yet. Mt Diablo Astronomical Society was the only thing I found.
  4. Mike_Lewis
    There are a few in the East Bay, but Mount Diablo Astronomical Society meets in Pleasant Hill, and observe on Mt. Diablo. Were having our society night (members only) on Diablo tomorrow night. It's a great club with lots of nice very experienced helpful people, and me. The next general meeting is next Tuesday. You can join online for $30 for the first year and join us on the mountain tomorrow night.
  5. roguegeek
    Question. How are you able to observe on Mt. Diablo when the park closes at sundown?
  6. Mike_Lewis
    There are 2 ways: 1) camp at Juniper camp. 2) join MDAS. We have scheduled nighttime access to the park. And more importantly the combination to the gate lock.
  7. starchild1983
    Awesome! I am definitely thinking about joining MDAS.
  8. roguegeek
    Same here. I'm slightly intimidated, but it sounds like a great experience.
  9. Mike_Lewis
    Well stop thinking about it a and join us. Doing so was the best thing I've done since getting involved in astronomy. Anyone who wants to check us out can come to a general meeting, or come visit us on the mountain on public night. Our next meeting is Tuesday, and next public night is a week from Saturday.
  10. Mike_Lewis
    Rogue geek you will be happy to find out how non intimidating this bunch is. You'll be amazed at how knowledgable yet accessible the members of the club are. Everyone loves astronomy and is so like this forum in their willingness and pleasure in sharing their knowledge.
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