Achieving focus

  1. brumtaffy
    Hello. I just upgraded from my k200 to a k5, whoo-hoo!

    I'm at the getting-to-know-you phase, but already finding Live View a boon. Even so, focus wasn't easy when I was doing some solar work yesterday.

    I'm thinking I would like to have a PC screen display the camera view and maybe use some software like 'DSLRFocus' to be spot on.

    Does anyone know
    a. how to rig up my k5 to the PC screen?
    b. whether DSLRFocus works OK with Pentax?

  2. LeFanch
    Hi Brumtaffy,

    It has been a while since you posted your question, so I guess I might be a bit late...
    To my knowledge, DSLRfocus does not work with Pentax cameras, and I do not think there is an equivalent. I guess the closest alternative you can get is pktether.
    Regarding a connection from K5 to a PC screen, I think I read some posts on another forum about connecting a small screen with HDMI cable. I will try and find a link for you!


    Edit : There are posts on the subject on PentaxForums, including this one.
  3. theodoros1978
    DSLRfocus cannot work on Pentax but there is a workaround to that I had the same issue so i thought to use PK Tether to acquire the image and then import it to DSLR focus.

    In PK Tether there is an option to choose the file to save images directly,so everytime you shoot the image will be saved there. Now, on DSLR focus there is an option instead of taking pictures to choose a folder to monitor for pictures! As a result, when you take a picture with pk tether the image are auto saved on the same folder as the dslrfocus uses for import, so the image will be displayed on dslr focus immediately

    tried it and it works.
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