Welcome to the Pentax DSLR Astrophotography Group!

  1. admin
    Welcome to the Pentax DSLR Astrophotography Group!

    please introduce yourself here
  2. falcoleprof
    High school teacher in Quebec, Canada. I just got a CPC11 and since I have a K100D well I started some astrophotography experiments. I find my wife a lot easier to understand now compared to all the details you have to take into account with this hobby. I hope to try my pentax with a Newtonian setup and see the difference from an SCT, if anybody has info on that I sure would appreciate.
  3. outpostbob
    My name is Bob Post, and I have been doing astrophotography since 1985 (starting with Comet Halley.) I used Pentax cameras in the film days but evenutally picked up a Canon Digital Rebel... and then another one modified for enhanced Hydrogen Alpha (red) sensitivity. I eventually also tried the Pentax K110D (didn't like) and own a couple of istD's, having intended to try modifiying one for enhanced H-alpha. But finally I bought a Pentax Kx. I am MOST pleased with it as a DSLR for astrophotography: decent H-alpha red sensitivity right out of the box, extraordinary sensitivity versus what I have had previously (I use ISO 12,800 a lot.) I will post some examples to show you. I am also intrigued with the High Dynamic Range features and hope to explore them further. I will admit some serious annoyance with certain features.
    But all in all, I LOVE the Kx for astrophotography. You'll see why when I get my pictures posted.
  4. outpostbob
    Kx annoyances: : IR-only remote operation forced me to buy a different automated shutter release timer. Inability to defeat the noise suppression (dark frame subtraction) means you have to take two full-duration exposures for every single frame you get, except sometimes in cold weather. The external power jack was replaced with an expensive "dummy-battery" AC adapter. So far, I have just been using NiMH batteries.
  5. jmantyla
    Greetings from Scandinavia.
    My name is Jorma Mantyla. I have been doing astrophotography with Pentax dslr's since 2006. Currently I'm using K110D and K-x.
    Some photos are here:


    Here is antother Finnish web-site which might be of interest to Pentax users:


    After warm & sunny summer here in the arctic nights are finally longer. I'll post photos and commentaries soon.

    Jorma Mantyla
  6. jmantyla
    Quote Originally Posted by outpostbob
    ... decent H-alpha red sensitivity right out of the box, extraordinary sensitivity versus what I have had previously ...
    I think you mean the IR/red-sensitive bw-photo ? Is it real (decent) or just an artistic imitation of IR-photography created by software in Pentax k-x?
    Most dslr-cameras have built-in IR/red filters to avoid too red pictures. CCD- and CMOS-sensors "see" the world in a different way than human eyes. They are too sensitive for red. To make the photos look more "normal" these filters are placed in front of the CCD/CMOS-sensor.

    Jorma M.
  7. cyastrzemski
    Hi All,
    I'm just joining this group. I purchased a used Pentax *ist DL that I plan to use with my Celestron C8-NGT Newtonian telescope using a 2" t-ring and a 2" adapter.
    Does anyone mount their camera to a Barlow as part of their primary focus?
    Regards, Ed
  8. Phatbob02
    Hi All,
    I'm new here and I'm interested in purchasing the Pentax Kx for Astrophotog.

    My name is Bob and I live in Syracuse NY. I built my home observatory and I use to play with hypered film years ago.
    I thought I hang out here and see what I could learn.
  9. APB
    Hi All. Just purchased the new Pentax K-r. Slick machine! I'm glad Pentax has kept the lens mounts consistent. Planning on using my old telescope ring adapter from my old K-1000 to hook the K-r up to my Skywatcher 5" Newtonian. Any tips would be appreciated!
  10. KathyNS
    Hi, all. I've been on the Forums for a couple of months, but only just found this group. I am using a Pentax ISD-DL for my astrophotography.

    I get a kick out of the references to the new KX model. I still have my old 1976 KX in mostly serviceable condition. You'd think that with 676 2-letter combinations, it would be a century or two before they had to re-use model designations. Next, I suppose Ford will be announcing the 2012 Model T.
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