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  1. pentax syntax
    pentax syntax
    Hello folks,
    Longtime Pentax user getting back into astrophotography in the digital age. I used my older film bodies for astro work previously but I am now getting back into widefield work with my K7, K20d and K10d bodies. My telescopes are a Meade 10" ACF LX90 and a Meade ETX-125. Look forward to seeing some photos and picking up some tips.

  2. theodoros1978
    Hi group!

    i bought a Pentax K-x yesterday! Am so thrilled with this camera as its my first DSLR as well

    i read reviews that Pentax can take 30sec shots on 12600 ISO - that will fit my needs for AP with my 10'' GoTo Dob.

  3. brumtaffy
    Hello! Guess I'm the new boy and will have to make the tea

    While the kettle is on, can you tell me if K-x is tops for astro, or if K5 is going to be my best bet? I currently have K200D, but evidently that isn't going to cut the mustard for long-exposure deep-sky work.

    My other limiter is an Alt-Az mount (but I see from other posts that a lot is possible, even with this ) and my 127Mak has quite a narrow field of view.
  4. LeFanch
    Hi all,
    I'm using a K5 that I bought earlier this year. Before that I had (and still have) a K10D.
    Very new to astronomy in general, and to astrophotography in particular, I am still in the process of assessing my needs in terms of hardware.
    I have started taking pictures though, wide field mainly and some attempts at M31 and M45. My main issues come from post-processing for the moment.
    That's it for now!
  5. gtis
    Hi all
    My name his Neil from South Yorkshire I have a k3 and a k5
    I will use them attached to my celestron 4 se
  6. gbeaton
    Wow! This is not a very active group! Anyway, I'm Greg from Montreal and I have a K5II, O-GPS1 and Celestron 5se.

    I'm presently working on a tether program for the mac. It will be primarily intended for Astrophotography, so I'll release it as soon as its ready to do something useful.

  7. petrochemist
    Hi I'm Mike from north east Essex.
    I've been shooting Pentax cameras for about 35 years, and still have my old ME as well as the K100d that got me into digital, the K7 I upgraded it to when the batteries became a pain & now have a K5ii for better low light response. I've also been given all the Pentax gear from my Dad & brother ...
    As well as my SLR/DSLR kit I have a micro four thirds system including a full spectrum converted model. The big benefit of MFT is I can carry two bodies (normal & converted) without having to leave the lenses behind to keep the weight manageable!
  8. pixelsaurus
    Hi. I'm Mike from NZ. I have been a Pentax user since the late 60's and currently have a 3 DSLR's: Pentax *ist DS, Pentax K10d and a Pentax K-500. My DS was a very noisy beast. In fact I'm still trying to edit my Comet McNaught piccies from Jan 2007. I recently upgraded my Neat Image software to v8.1 and it does look like it means business. I have never used my K10d for astro but the K-500 is a bit of a buzz. Even at ISO 51200, it has less noise than the DS. I haven't done any astro at all over the past year, the weather has for most part, has been diabolical.

    Feb 23,2018.

    I have added an Pentax K-70 to the mix but after the excellent spring (clear skies), I have not been able to use the K-70 for astro. It is a pity as I also received a iOptron SkyGuider Pro kit for Xmas. At least we don't have days of torrential rain anymore.

  9. C81021
    Hello there.
    I am from Spain and am called josÚ.
    I love pentax and I have a K10d, a k5 and a k70.
    Very recently I picked the Pentax o'gps1 and am begining to use it.
    For visual observations I own a SCT 8" EdgeHD with the AVX mount. It is clear that I need to learn a lot before being able to use that long focal scope on astrophotography.
    But I do like so much those astonishing astrophotographies that I plan to walk in that direction.
    In order to start to walk, I am looking for of portable mount and a short focal refractor.
    Probably I will walk slowly, but hopefully I will keep on moving.
    I will let you know.
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