Kx for astro imaging

  1. ComaCropper
    Hi All,

    I thought I'd jump in with my 2 cents! I'm not going to argue Canon vs. Pentax, nor claim the Kx is the best camera to use for astro imaging. I just want to link to a few pictures I have taken with the Kx and let you decide for yourself. For me, the KX has been the easiest to use and has given me my best results, right out of the box, unmodified. As to the forced dark frame issue, it doesn't bother me. I usually observe through another scope while imaging anyway. The 10x live view makes focusing a breeze. I don't use a fancy intervelometer, as I had to with the Canons. I set the camera to ISO 12,800, exposure to 30 sec, and the shutter to HI multiple shots. I then put a rubber band around the shutter button, and go observe with my dob. I usually take about 50 exposures and stack in Registax. Here's a link to my images:

    You decide if you like the results. If not, join the Canon groups.
  2. Phatbob02
    Quote Originally Posted by ComaCropper
    Hi All,

    You decide if you like the results. If not, join the Canon groups.
    I love your shots!
    I'm in the market for a DSLR for astro and I'm leaning on the KX. I may be hitting you up for some advice.
    Thanks for the picture show.
  3. AlenK
    Quote Originally Posted by ComaCropper
    I know I'm posting a reply many months late, but I just discovered this forum. The photos in this set of emission nebula are quite encouraging. But before I get my hopes up that this is a camera that does not need to be modified to take decent shots of Hydrogen alpha emissions, can you tell us what kind of exposures you used on some of those shots?
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