Best Pentax DSLRs for Astrophotography?

  1. admin
    Hello everyone, can someone tell me what the best Pentax DSLRs for Astrophotography are by model ?
    Also how do these compare to the best Nikon and Canon models for Astrophotography ?

    thanks again
  2. erollin
    Maybe the question is outdated, but here's my opinion.

    Pentax had similar performance than Nikon (some models have the same Sony sensor), but with my K10D I've never been very happy with results. The noise was not uniform and obvious up to the point that at ISO1600 pictures were not really useful.

    But my wife bought the k-x and I was amazed by the low noise of the camera. It cost half of what I paid for the K10D, has the live view which is VERY helpful to focus and has movie capabilities. I've only tried it once for astrophotography and I really liked it.

    In fact if you go on dpreview, they test the noise performance of the k-x:
    The raw mode shows that at ISO8000 the k-x produces similar noise levels that the Canon EOS 500D set at ~ISO2000. I don't know if the EOS 500D is a good camera though, I don't own any Canon camera.

    I'll post pictures taken with the k-x in another post.

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