Anyone else have the O-GPS1?

  1. ImNewHere
    As the title says, anyone else have it and use it? I have used it with both my K5 and K3 so far, and wish it worked with my K-01 since that one is full spectrum converted.
  2. petrochemist
    I just got mine yesterday for use on my K5ii. I've not had much of a chance to play with it so far, and haven't managed to get it to calibrate yet.
    I'm a little concerned that the electronic compass on it doesn't seem to work properly. Hopefully it will just be a dirty contact!
  3. gbeaton
    Yes, I bought it recently and use it on a K5ii also. Works pretty well although I haven't had very long exposures - about a minute max. Warning, you can't test it indoors. It needs to be outside to get a good fix with the GPS.
  4. C81021
    Recently I got the o'gps1 and I have used three or four times with a k70.
    I thing it worked fine and I was able to get 40 s shots at 6400 iso with 300mm FL. I used a very cheap dal 55-300 f4-5,8
    Here after you can find some single shots k70 astrotracer and very cheap photographys tripod.

    Last M31, I stacked 7 subs 40s iso 1600
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