Newbie with Pentax K-r, need advice

  1. Woodscavenger
    I have a Pentax K-r with basic lenses. I have a vintage C8 with wedge mount and RA drive. I will be getting a focal reducer, new mount (likely Celestron AVX), and probably a used MF Pentax prime 50mm lens.

    1)best camera control? I have PKTether.. Are there other laptop control or shutter control devices?

    2) battery life? Do I need to try and find the corded adapter I have read about?

    3) K-r lock up last night? Last night I was PKTether. I ran into some issues. It seemed to work well. I went to a 300sec exposure after taking several shorter shots that turned out good. During the long one the shutter didn't seem to close. The battery was good. I disconnected the cable, popped battery in and out, and could not get the shutter to respond in any mode. I removed the battery for about 15min then everything started working.

    4) Can PKTether be used with bulb mode, long exposure as well as setting it to do multiple repeat images?
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