Pictures with the Pentax K-x

  1. erollin
    Here are a few pictures I took with the pentax k-x. They were taken downtown Ottawa, Canada with an old 14" Celestron which has a primary mirror partly corroded. The telescope is located on the roof of a public building, surrounded by the air exhaust of the building, so the seeing is terrible.

    I used the k-x in the movie mode and stacked frames with registax:

    And here's using a very low quality barlow:

    Both were ~10 sec movies 1280x720p 24fps. Longer movies would have increased the quality and the full size picture is very impressive.

    I'd be interested to know if other people have used the k-x for astrophotography.

  2. erollin
    I'll add a stack of ~10 x 10 second pictures of M42. Raw pictures, I turned off the noise reduction in the camera but forgot to take a dark frame. Very quickly done and I'm sure I could achieve something nicer by changing the image processing.

  3. erollin
    It's me again!

    I posted a video of the moon taken with the k-x on the same night Similar video used to stack previous images, but one where I moved the telescope slowly. The original video is 1280x720, and is beautiful on a HD TV.

  4. The borg
    The borg
    Hi to everybody, here there are some shot taken with K20D

    1/90s Meade LX90 8", 200 ISO


    And here M42 taken with 200mm f/4 composition of 60 frames 30"

  5. erollin
    Hello the Borg,

    your picture of the Moon is amazing. We can clearly see the two shades of gray in mare serenitatis. Is it cropped? Does the K20 have live view? I've tried to take pictures with the K10, but without live view, it's too difficult to focus...
  6. The borg
    The borg
    Hi, the picture of the moon is a composition of 2 picture, the original resolution is 4672x4657....Yes the K20D has live view but i didn't use it...
  7. aanputra
    Hi Etienne, are u using a camera adapter as a hub for the Kx with your refractor telescope? what is the type and its price? thanks before
  8. erollin
    I have two pieces of hardware. I have a poor and cheap K-mount to t-thread adaptor for pentax that I bought for 5 dollars on E-bay - no brand, that I don't advice to purchase. It's wobbly and doesn't fit snuggly on the camera body. I also have a 30$ T-thread to 1.25" adaptor that fits in the eyepiece holder made from Antares that I recommend. There is a bit of vignetting if you use a full frame body but I really like it.
  9. velasoraptor
    @erollin good pics
    @The borg wonderful work
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