Morraine State Park Star Party

  1. genesbrown

    Friday August 6, 2010, the Amateur Astronomer Association of Pittsburgh is sponsoring a presentation and ensuing star party at the north shore bike rental station at Morraine State Park just north of Butler, PA. Festivities begin a 6:30pm. Moon rise is after midnight and is a waning crescent. As of this posting, the Clear Sky Chart is predicting clear skies with good seeing and transparency.

    I am hoping to join the fun.

  2. genesbrown
    The forecast update indicates a mostly cloudy evening through midnight.
    Looks like I'll be sitting this one out. No sense in packing up, traveling for almost an hour, only to likely be disappointed.

  3. 1127Tom
    Wil there be another event? Ill be at cherry springs on the 10th for the BFSP
  4. juldga
    Im hoping to catch a star party here. I live 10 mins away from Moraine! I wish I'd known about this one
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