Anyone thinking about going to Cherry Springs soon?

  1. quincy
    My last week off (first of week of May) was a bust due to the weather, so decided to take another week off the first week of July.
    Anyone thinking about heading up to Cherry Springs around then?
    I plan on at least one night there. Just wondering if anyone may be there.
  2. pymi
    I wish I could go but have plans to go on vacation this year in September. Hope you have clear skies!
  3. rickg18704
    I'll be planning a trip there sometime this summer. Getting a clear weekend in NEPA is like finding a four leafed clover while riding a unicorn.
  4. quincy
    I hear ya, Rick.
    Some day... I mean some night, it will be nice out there. Can we ask for at least two in a row?
  5. rickg18704
    Might be going with a club member the weekend of Sept 2nd. Two nights if I travel light, one night if the woman tags along. She would get too bored.
  6. quincy
    I'll be taking off the first week of October. Hopefully I'll be heading up there again.
  7. rickg18704
    Nixed the Sept trip. It's the Black Forest Star Party. Going the first weekend of October (Sep 30 - Oct 2). Just in time for the new moon. I'll probably see you there.
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