If you are from PA Introduce Yourself here!

  1. admin
    If you are from PA Introduce Yourself here!
  2. 1127Tom
    Hello, Iam from good Ole PA. Huntingdon to b exact.
  3. mike_crow
    Hello. My name is Mike and I live in Chester County, PA. The skies are OK over here - class 5 for the most part. I do all of my observing from my yard.
  4. pymi
    Hello my name is Jeff and I'm from Mercer county.
  5. Lenbo
    Hi all. I'm Len and I live in southern Chester County. Been into the hobby a little over a year. I currently view from my yard. Hope to add a more mobile setup down the road so I can occasionally get out and catch some of the darker areas around the state.
  6. KingWookie
    Hey everyone, I'm from Bucks county PA.
  7. jbwright84
    Unfortunately, Allegheny County here. My folks live in a rural area so at least I have somewhere dark to go.
  8. spectre
    Hi all. I just joined these forums the other day. I am from lower Montgomery county so I am always fighting the LP from Philly.
  9. johnrgoforth
    Monroe County here. I just got into the hobby, bought my first telescope a few weeks ago.
  10. rckeystone
    Greetings from the Lehigh Valley! I don't own a scope yet but plan to soon. Still narrowing down my choices.
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