Camp sites in NE Pa area?

  1. mjw
    Does anyone know of any campgrounds (private or state park) in the NE Pa region that have some "open sky" sites that are good for astronomy and accomodate a pop-up camper? Every where I look all the sites are under the trees. My scope is large and needs to be set up at my campsite (can't carry to open section and back again at night). The very few I've seen in state parks require a reservation 6 months or more in advance. I know of Cherry Springs in the north central part of state, but that's 4 hours away. I'm hoping for something closer (but still fairly dark of course).
  2. iban3z
    Red Run Campground is very nice and there are plenty of near by fields you can set up. The skies are pretty nice there. You don't be able to see anything at the camp-site because of the trees, but a quick walk down the road you'll find plenty of plains.... There might be a spot somewhere there that's more clear, or if you drive your care about 100 yards down the road and set up the scope, you'll find a clearing.
  3. rickg18704
    You might consider Ricketts Glen or World Ends State Park. While a dark sky might not be a problem, being hemmed in by trees at the campsite would affect your site horizon. Unfortunately, this can only determined by actually visiting the campground. I'm not too familiar with many of the campgrounds in Poconos as I've just started taking scope on roadtrips and Francis Slocum is my primary 'dark site' only because its twelve minutes away.
  4. rickg18704
    MJW, I just checked out the pictures of your scope. It certainly is a beauty. Is that an observing chair to the left of it?
  5. Phil570
    Does Moon lake still operate their camp sites? I remember seeing some areas near a field.
  6. rickg18704
    Moon Lake has been defunct for a while now. It was taken over by the State in June or July. It's not a state park, but now part of state forest. It's still open to the public. It's worth a ride to check it out. We've been meaning to take a ride out during the day but things always get in the way of good plans.
  7. mjw
    Sorry I haven't replied. I never got any forum email that there was any response to my post (as I usually do).
    iban3z: Red Run won't work for my if I can't set the scope up where I'm camped. It's too big to move around once set up (especially in the dark). I would not be comfortable leaving it alone in a field.
    rickg18704: My niece camps at World Ends and said she doesn't remember seeing any "open area" campsites there.
    And yes, that's an observing chair (homemade) to the left of the scope.
    Thanks all for responding. This PA forum is pretty quiet.
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