The Moon is more than just dust and rock

  1. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    When we landed on the moon my Father worked for General Electric in the Nuclear division ,He started there, when I was 9yrs.I fell and spent almost 6mos. in the hospital. When I went home he asked me where would you like to go , my reply was to the Moon .Well I didn't go top the Moon , I went to Cape Canaveral,FL to the Kennedy Space Center and I watched a mission launch into outer space and had a blast with the inner active exhibits and I was overwhelmed with awe . Samples ,rocks and capsules from previous launches . So much information I was just full of myself posing w/the various space suits . The lunar surface is much more than rock and dust ,it's our reference point on other celestial objects.The Moon is not only our neighbor,it's our friend "Man in the Moon"
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