I took my new Tele Vue "Paracorr type 2 and went to the moon

  1. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    I can say it now"WOW" has been reached , such improvement for my Z10. Now I understand why fast scopes deserve a Paracorr,mine got what it deserved.The Lunar surface is awesome ,not to mean it wasn't awesome before ,but now it is super duper awesome.Very pleased,It was an incomplete shell before and now it's been made whole .That occular has made it a better scope ,the seeing conditions really were poor tonight and the performance of it made me so very happy. I can Just imagine what the view will be on a good night.I'm sold very good optics, the sky is limitless Keep your eye to the sky
  2. JamesTosches
    It must have been great! Nothing better than a night like that!
  3. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    Thanx James, did you happen to view the lunar surface last night? It was stellar ,so crisp and clear even though there was a high cloud blanket it was still an awesome sight to view.Keep your eye to the sky friend
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