Radiation and Human landing The Moon

  1. ladymoon
    I've begun to question it all... (considering all that radiation, etc. )

    If man really succeeded landed on the moon, then:

    Why hasn't any person / country ( including the Russians with their previously advanced technology of sending the 1st man and woman in Earth orbit ever in history)

    landed on the moon in over 40 years?
  2. ladymoon
    ok i got a lot of comments on this, btw, i'm not biased either way, if we went to the moon, great, if we didnt, ok... i just wanted to read what people had to say about it, and most are convinced we did. I want some genuine moon rock.
  3. JamesTosches
    I question it all the time, but always wind up believing it. What about the launch? It's can't be fake. So's the same with that PLETHORA of videos, audio. It would have cost more to fake it then to do it. Thats my opinion.
  4. Southernskies10
    Well, if it was all just smoke and mirrors --- they fooled an Earthload of folks for almost 44 years! I think that someone out of all the thousands of people who worked on the Apollo Missions would have ratted out long time ago if it had been a hoax. Look what happened to Lance Armstrong and his 7 Tour de France wins --- just on the testimony of his fellow riders, no one ever caught him with a needle in his hand... Human nature is just such that if there had been something underhand --- someone would have said something and written a book and made a $$$$ million or two at the expense of One small step for Man...Just my opinion - besides it is nice to look up and think that someone from Earth has left footprints on that soft grey surface for all eternity.
  5. olddogg60
    What Southernskies10 said and as one forum member said a while back, "If we faked the moon landing, why would we do it six times.". Of all the effort, money, time and lives risked it is a shame there there are folks so ill informed that they doubt that man walked on the moon. I'm quite sure that the Russians would have mentioned that it didn't happen, especially during the Cold War. Radiation in the Van Allen belt would be a problem if you lingered there but passed that area the radiation is higher then our normal experience here on earth but not that high as to be immediately haphazardness.
  6. olddogg60
    I should add that NASA and the space program are subject to the whims of the political climate and the will of the American people. As best I can tell most of the population lost interest a long time ago.
  7. olddogg60
    I should also add that manned missions are planned around massive solar storms that could emit deadly radiation.
  8. SteveEBell
    Has anybody been able to photograph any objects left on the moon from there own telescope, or is it beyond say a 8 or 12" mirror ?
  9. olddogg60
    That would be a no. Hubble can resolve an object on the moon something like 200' across I believe. The lander base is 15' across. You have to remember that the moon is around a quarter of a million miles away and Hubble is 240 miles up. The orbiting satellites have taken pictures of the lander and a rover I believe. Also some indication of foot prints, etc. An example here - Apollo 11 Moon Landing Site Seen in Unprecedented Detail | Moon Photos | Space.com
  10. Nonsuch505
    Why would we go to a giant rock we know lots about when we can send car sized rovers to Mars? That's just my opinion, but I'm sure there is still knowledge to be gained from the moon. It's whether or not it is still worth going back with our current technology I suppose.
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