Moon talk- everything you need to know about our neighbor

  1. JamesTosches
    So true. Another interesting thing to see is that when you look at the moon through most any scope, it is actually moving slowly.
  2. Southernskies10
    There is a fantastic Youtube documentary on a site run by Astonomy & Nature - a UK based company that has about 100 You tube clips dedicated to Astonomy - Look for one called "so you think you know about the Moon" Well worth watching...
  3. olddogg60
    Is this the one you mean? Thanks.
    So, you think you've seen the Moon? - YouTube
  4. Don Kittrell
    Don Kittrell
    Just watched the video. Some good stuff there. Very informative and well done.

  5. olddogg60
    That video should be shown in science class room.
  6. Southernskies10
    That's the one! He has as I said about 100 videos dedicated to various subjects - anything from selecting a telescope to reviews on different equipment and even how to and why you choose certain EP's and Barlows --- He takes the time to explain in language that anyone can understand! I subscribe to his series and have watched most of them. They have really helped me get my head around the basics! ENJOY!!
  7. olddogg60
    Thanks Southernskies 10. I've subscribed to his series also. Great stuff.
  8. JamesTosches
    So true!
  9. stepping beyond
    stepping beyond
    James, That was an outstanding read.There's so much about are neighbor that people don't pay it to much attention anymore .They're probably more interested in the more colorful Gas giants or a passing Comet.The fact is, we learn much from our neighbor and the brightness messes with people doing AP.I enjoy viewing our moon,it's one of the easiet and treasureful objects up in the night sky.I'm still looking for the" Man in the Moon".Keep your eye to the sky
  10. combat48
    Just found this and watched the YouTube video. Really interesting to see how little folks understood about the moon.

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