Best all around scope.

  1. nebulae55
    I was wondering what the best all around telescope would be for about $200-$300.
  2. StargazerTony
    The best all around scope would be a Dobsonian. You get more aperature for the money and you end up with a easy to set up and easy to use scope. Look at the Orion 6" SkyQuest!
  3. astrobl
    Go for a dob,,best deep sky veiwing for the money!
  4. Orion76
    The Orion starblast 4.5 has worked out really well for me. The expanse EP's that come with the set are awesome too, just add a shorty barlow and you are seeing all M objects with great detail. MSRP is 225$ but you can usually find an online deal for 180$+
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