Orion xx14g

  1. Fargon
    I used to have a 10 inch Orion Dob and now have purchased the XX14g. Any help with setting up this scope would be appreciated as I really don't know much. They are shipping the 29th so I need to get ready for the learniong curve on this. Thanks. Fargon
  2. stargazer77
    Before my 14" arrived I went on to Orions website and downloaded the manual. It was easy to understand and if you do download the manual, you'll be ahead of the game. It is a very easy telescope to assemble.
  3. 10538
    Hi guys! I am new to the group and glad to know there are others out there with a 14g. I have had mine about a month. Hardly a clear sky since! It was easy to assemble but moving it around is much easier with the cart from Orion. It ( the cart) is very sturdy and well made. I love the scope. I ordered a right angle 9x50 finder and a A/C to 12v adapter so I could plug it in to a wall outlet. I am hoping to get some pointers on alignment as well.
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